Tentec Certified Refurbished


Tensioner Refurbishment

For 20 plus years, Tentec have supplied Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning tools to the Oil & Gas, Powergen, Mining and Industrial markets.Over time Hydraulic Bolt Tensions can be exposed to very harsh conditions which, in-turn can result in corrosion of components. Corrosion can reduce the working life of a tool and, very often, is one of the key attributing factors of hydraulic leaks. As the demand for regular maintenance has increased in recent years, Tentec are pleased to announce a Refurbishment and Maintenance service.

Continuous use of Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners without regular maintenance can reduce the tensioner reliability. From time to time some of the moving parts or seal sets may need replacing. Returning these tools to Tentec for refurbishment or repair will ensure a fast turnaround and assurance that the work undertaken will be completed by our team of experienced technicians.

Consistent, Dependable and Prompt Service

  • Dis-Assembly: A complete strip down and clean.
  • Inspection: A thorough examination for damaged parts including hydraulic fittings. You will be informed of any damaged parts outside of the scope of the refurbishment.
  • Cleaned: Either shot blast or chemical bath.
  • Surface Coating: Relevent components will be oil blacked.
  • Re-Sealed: New seals will be fitted.
  • Pressure Test: Fully tracable pressure test with a Tentec "Certificate of Pressure Test" supplied.
  • Packaged & Despatched: A fast and prompt service.

Scheduled Maintenance Contract Option.

Many customers have multiple Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning kits that are used frequently in construction or maintenance projects. These tools can be exposed to heavy and prolonged use and it's inevitable that a tools reliability expectancy is reduced without regular maintenance.

Tentec can provide a maintenance contract that ensures that you receive the support you need; at the moment you need it. We offer a selection of contract maintenance plans to suit every customers requirements.


PumpHydraulic Tensioner Pump and Gauge Calibration Service.

All pumps purchased from Tentec are supplied with a certificate of calibration which is valid for 12 months from the date of despatch. When the certificate expires the pressure gauge requires re-calibration and certification as per ISO 9001 calibration requirements.

Tentec provides a calibration service that is tracable to national standards. In addition we can also service/overhaul the pump unit


For more information on the Tentec Refurbishment Service, simply email sales@tentec.net